Week 11 Showdown Looming

I love fantasy football.  I love it even more now that my team is 10-0.  Last week was no different than the first ten weeks of the season, as I cruised to a 335-310 victory.  As I wrote about in a previous post, I am guilty of overthinking at times.  Last week was no different as I left many points on the bench.  I actually didn’t start Jeremy Langford and Micheal Floyd (just under 100 points in my league).  That would have marked the third time this season going over 400 points for a weekly total.  I have to be on my game this week.  My opponent this week stands in second place in the league, and I must get past his team if I want to finish the regular season undefeated.  I know, I know, it really doesn’t count until the playoffs start, but I have never gone undefeated for an entire season in the 20+ years of playing fantasy.  Not even close.  Just like some of my misses in last weeks seat ’em and street ’em picks, writing about fantasy sports is an inexact science.  I missed badly on Johnny Manziel, Charcandrick West and Travis Benjamin last week, just as I missed on two of my own players.  As a fantasy prognosticator, I have to have the same mentality as a starting NFL cornerback.  I have to have a VERY short memory, forget about the bad plays, and jump back into the fray with enthusiasm.  I know my next pick six is that much closer to becoming a reality.

Normally, I just post the players I like and don’t like each week with my seat ’em and street ’em picks, but I must take a moment and share a few words about the much anticipated return of Tony Romo this week.  As a lifelong Cowboys fan, this season has been almost as painful to watch as the ’89 1-15 season.  It was Jimmy Johnson’s and Troy Aikman’s first year with Dallas, after Jerry Jones bought the team and unceremoniously fired Tom Landry.  A rookie owner, a rookie coach and a rookie QB was a recipe for agony that year.  I honestly questioned my sanity after watching every minute of all 16 games that year.  Since Romo went down in week 2, I have watched every minute of every game since, and those sanity questions have started to surface again after the Tampa Bay loss.  Wait Cowboys fans!  Here comes Tony riding in on his white horse to save the day.  In the words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friends.  Will Romo give the Cowboys a better shot at winning?  Absolutely.  Will he show his Pro Bowl form that has made him a fantasy favorite the past few years?  I think not.  Do I hope that I am wrong with this prediction?  No doubt about it.  I leave my fellow Cowboy fans with two words, or names if you will.  Ben.  Rothlesberger.  If you recall, Big Ben was quite rusty in his return to the Steelers, after several weeks nursing a bad knee courtesy of the St. Louis Rams D.  With that being said, I see Romo coming back, spending the majority of the Miami game shaking off the rust that comes with being sidelined for the past eight weeks.  Time will tell if he can rally the troops and end the seven game losing streak.

Here are my seat ’em and street ’em picks for week 11.

Seat ’em                                                                               Street ’em

Derek Carr courtesy of Wikipedia

Derek Carr
courtesy of

QB’s                                                                                        QB’s

Matt Ryan                                                                               Joe Flacco

Tom Brady                                                                              TJ Yates

Cam Newton                                                                          Andy Dalton

Sleepers:  Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater, Carson Palmer, Tyrod Taylor

RB’s                                                                                         RB’s 

Todd Gurley                                                                            Justin Forsett

Charcandrick West                                                                Chris Ivory

Charcandrick West courtesy of rotoprofessor.com

Charcandrick West
courtesy of

Marshawn Lynch                                                                   Frank Gore

Sleepers:  Devonta Freeman, Adrian Peterson, LaGarrette Blount, DeMarco Murray

WR’s                                                                                         WR’s

Julio Jones                                                                               Alshon Jeffery

Mike Evans                                                                              Randall Cobb

Larry Fitzgerald                                                                      DeAndre Hopkins

Sleepers:  Dez Bryant, Jordan Mathews, Tavon Austin, Micheal Crabtree

TE’s                                                                                            TE’s

Travis Kelse                                                                               Martellus Bennett

Jacob Tamme courtesy of denverpost.com

Jacob Tamme
courtesy of

Jacob Tamme                                                                            Crockett Gilmore

Greg Olsen                                                                                 Jordan Reed

Sleepers:  Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten,  Rob Gronkowski, Kyle Rudolph

Def’s                                                                                            Def’s

Houston                                                                                       Tampa Bay

Carolina                                                                                       Cinncinnati

Seattle                                                                                          Buffalo

Sleepers:  Atlanta, New York Jets, Minnesota

DFS news this week relates to perhaps a motive behind New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman’s crusade against DraftKings and Fanduel. Seems as though some of donors don’t want DFS in New York state.  Word has it that pro sports leagues are also a target in a class action lawsuit filed against DraftKings and FanDuel, making them codefendants.  As always, this situation is fluid and I am sure there will be more to report next week.

Here are some DFS stacks I like for this weekends action:






I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I always wish many points and few injuries to all my fellow fantasy owners.  Until next time…


No Setbacks Heading Into Week 10

Led by stellar performances by Lamar Miller and Delanie Walker, and despite a lackluster showing from Phillip Rivers, my fantasy team moved to 9-0 with a 354-310 victory last Sunday to carry a two game lead into week 10.  However, the biggest surprise of the weekend was the performance by Jeremy Langford.  As I mentioned last week, I was shocked to see no one in the league had picked him up.  With Matt Forte doubtful against a woeful Chargers defense, I gladly snatched him up knowing he could pay off big.  He didn’t disappoint.  Despite not starting the game, he finished Monday night with 145 total yards and a touchdown.  In my league, that was worth almost 40 points, and that was enough for my ninth straight win.  Looking ahead to week 10, I see a potentially big day for Blake Bortles, starting in place of Rivers, who has a bye this week.  Returning after a bye week is Seattle’s D, Marshawn Lynch, Jeremy Maclin, and Larry Fitzgerald.  Coming into tomorrow’s action, Lynch is questionable with an abdominal issue, but I have Thomas Rawls waiting on my bench just in case I need him.  Not exactly sure how things will work out with another stud, Gary Barnidge, will fare considering Cleveland is going with Johnny Manziel at QB vs Pittsburgh.  Barnidge has flourished with Josh McCown at the helm, but apparently he’s not on Johnny Football’s radar in his three starts.  I may have to hold my nose and start him.  His upside is too high to leave on the bench.

So, without further adieu, here’s my seat’em and street ’em picks for this weekends matchup’s.

Derek Carr courtesy of bayareasports.com

Derek Carr
courtesy of

Seat ’em                                                                                   Street ’em

QB’s                                                                                           QB’s

Aaron Rodgers                                                                          Johnny Manziel

Cam Newton                                                                             Mathew Stafford

Tom Brady                                                                                Brian Hoyer

Sleepers:  Blake Bortles, Derek Carr, Andy Dalton, Drew Brees

RB’s                                                                                            RB’s

Blake Bortles courtesy of wikipedia

Blake Bortles
courtesy of

Todd Gurley                                                                               Justin Forsett

DeAngelo Williams                                                                  Charcandrick West

Lamar Miller                                                                             Any Detroit RB

Sleepers:  Doug Martin, LaGarrette Blount, James Starks, Darren McFadden

WR’s                                                                                            WR’s

AJ Green                                                                                      Travis Benjamin

Allen Robinson                                                                           Jeremy Maclin

Randall Cobb                                                                              Reuban Randle

Sleepers:  Amari Cooper, Stephon Diggs, Mike Evans, Julian Edelman, Allan Hurns

Greg Olsen courtesy of wikipedia.com

Greg Olsen
courtesy of

TE’s                                                                                               TE’s

Rob Gronkowski                                                                          Eric Ebron

Jordan Reed                                                                                 Jordan Cameron

Sleepers:  Greg Olsen, Delanie Walker, Travis Kelse, Ben Watson

Def’s                                                                                              Def’s

Denver                                                                                           Houston

Green Bay                                                                                     Baltimore

St Louis                                                                                         Washington

Sleepers:  Cinncinnati, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Carolina

In DFS news, New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman is trying to make FanDuel, DraftKings, and other DFS sites illegal in his state claiming fantasy football is a game of chance and therefore gambling.  FanDuel and DraftKings have filed suit asking the New York Supreme Court to rule that DFS doe not constitute gambling in the state of New York.  The companies asked the court to issue an injunction against immediate enforcement action from the state.  As of Friday, FanDuel stopped taking new deposits from players in New York.  One person who is in FanDuel’s corner is Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark, who issued a statement of support last Thursday.  More news to come in the following weeks regarding this issue.

Some DFS stacks I like this week include:






So, let week 10 resume Sunday with more great games slated.  May your points be plentiful and your injuries be minimal.  Until Next time…

Heading into Week 9 Unscathed

It boggles the mind, this fantasy thing.  I don’t know if my league opponents aren’t paying attention, or if I just outbid all of them plain and simple when it comes to free agent pickups.  After each week’s games, Tuesdays are reserved for taking the time to scan the waiver wire to see which players are available for pickup the following week.  In my league, if you try and pick someone up before Wednesday, it will cost you some of the allotted $150 each team has to spend on free agents.  I seldom pick up players before Wednesdays because A) players cost nothing to pick up between Wednesdays and Sunday before noon in my league, and B) the players worth spending my precious free agent money are few and far between in a 12 man league like mine.  So on Tuesday, much to my surprise, Jacob Temme and Jeremy Langford are available to be picked up.  I decide it’s time to spend some money.  Temme went off last week with 10 catches for 103 yards and a TD, while Matt Forte banged up his knee and could be out for a while clearing the way for Langford to start Monday night vs. the Chargers.  I bid a little more than usual on Tuesday and picked up both to be in my starting lineup this week.  Money well spent.  Also, six of my players are on bye this week, both defensive and offensive players, and I picked most of the replacements up after Wednesday and it didn’t cost me a dime.  It may behoove you to check into this little known practice, that way you can save your free agent money to spend on a player you think is crucial to pick up for your success.

I picked up another victory last week 370-291 to bring my season record to 8-0.  Phillip Rivers continues to be the #1 fantasy QB, and didn’t disappoint with a 92 point performance last week.  Brandin Cooks and Micheal Floyd both scored over 30 points for me last week, while Larry Fitzgerald and Gary Barnidge were their usual selves with 25+ points.  Next week will be interesting, with Rivers on a bye.  I picked up Blake Bortles, who plays at Baltimore, to fill in the gap.  He has shown flashes of greatness and going against the Ravens, one of the worst teams defending the pass, will hopefully work out to my advantage.  I will also have Marshawn Lynch, Jeremy Maclin, Larry Fitzgerald and Seattle’s D back from their bye week next week, which should reduce my risk of losing for the first time next week.

On to my seat ’em and street ’em picks for the week….

Seat ’em                                                                               Street ’em

Blake Bortles courtesy of wikipedia

Blake Bortles
courtesy of

QB’s                                                                                        QB’s

Phillip Rivers                                                                         Blake Bortles

Eli Manning                                                                           Blaine Gabbert

Tom Brady                                                                             Kirk Cousins

Sleepers:  Ben Rothlesberger, Peyton Manning, Jay Cutler, Tyrod Taylor

RB’s                                                                                         RB’s

Jeremy Langford                                                                   Carlos Hyde

Dion Lewis                                                                              Eddie Lacy

Dion Lewis courtesy of  bleachereport.com

Dion Lewis
courtesy of

Doug Martin                                                                           Frank Gore

Sleepers:  LeGarrette Blount, Devonte Freeman, Chris Ivory, Mark Ingram

WR’s                                                                                        WR’s 

Odell Beckham                                                                       Allen Robinson

Stevie Johnson                                                                       TY Hilton

Alshon Jeffery                                                                        Pierre Garcon

Sleepers:  Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker

TE’s                                                                                          TE’s

Rob Gronkowski                                                                     Coby Fleener

Charles Clay courtesy of blogs.buffalobills.com

Charles Clay
courtesy of

Antonio Gates                                                                         Kyle Rudolph

Sleepers:  Jacob Temme, Heath Miller, Charles Clay, Delanie Walker

DEF’s                                                                                        DEF’s

Denver                                                                                       Tampa Bay

St. Louis                                                                                    Tennessee

Sleepers:  NY Jets, New England, Atlanta, New Orleans

After weeks being in the news, it has been a quiet week regarding DFS.  I read an interesting September article from Bloomberg News that said the average fantasy player isn’t good enough to win on DraftKings or FanDuel.  I respectfully disagree.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  In the meantime, here are some stacks I like this week:


E Manning-Beckham




Everyone have a great Sunday!  We’ll see you next week.  Until then…

Still Perfect Heading into Week 8

I don’t know what it is, but this year has seen it’s share of breakout performances by my team and players.  Last week, the trend continued, with a season high performance from Lamar Miller.  With 236 yards from scrimmage and 2 touchdowns, Miller trashed the Texans defense and didn’t even play the second half!  Miller scored 75 points, and coupled with Phillip Rivers 92 points, it helped my team cruise to another easy victory 448-250 for a perfect 7-0 record and sole possession of first place in my league.  Unfortunately for me, Miller returned to earth this past Thursday night vs New England, meaning I am off to a slow start for week 8.  With my decision to sit Dion Lewis because of an abdominal strain (he scored 31 points in a 36-7 Patriots victory), I am somewhat concerned with my week 8 matchup.  However, all my offensive players have favorable matchups vs the defenses they will face, and Seattle is playing my woeful Dallas Cowboys.  So, with that being said, my concern is at a relatively low level, and if things continue to trend positive for me and my team, week 8 should turn out fine.  Only time will tell.

I want to take a moment and talk about perhaps my best free agent pickup this year, Cleveland TE Gary Barnidge.  After a stellar senior year that earned him All Big East honors at Louisville in 2007, Barnidge was picked in the fifth round by Carolina in 2008.  He spent 5 years with Carolina in relative obscurity, used mainly as a blocking TE.  With Greg Olsen being the featured pass catching TE for Carolina, Barnidge signed last year as a free agent with Cleveland.  Since 2013, he has had 26 catches for 2 touchdowns for Cleveland, once again relegated to being a blocking TE due to Cameron Jordan being featured as Cleveland’s pass catching TE.  Despite his 6′ 6″, 260 lbs frame with 4.6 speed, it wasn’t until his breakout year of 2015 did Barnidge show the right stuff, with fantasy people dubbing him with the nickname ‘Barnkowski’.  His consistent play has earned him weekly starter status with me, no matter who he lines up against each week.  He’s truly matchup proof.  Yes, no one saw this coming, but I am more than happy to cash in on this late bloomer. Let’s raise a cold one to the old guy!

Once again, there are several great matchups this week, with Green Bay vs Denver on Sunday night being the featured game of the week.  Can Denver’s D slow down Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense?  Will Denver keep Peyton Manning protected long enough for him to connect with Thomas and Sanders, or will Peyton continue his less than Peyton-like season long performance?  Will the game live up to the hype?  I am looking forward to this potentially great Sunday night game.

Here are my seat’em and street ’em picks for week 8.

Seat ’em                                                                                Street ’em

Phillip Rivers courtesy of  wikipedia.com

Phillip Rivers
courtesy of

QB’s                                                                                         QB’s

Phillip Rivers                                                                          Josh McCown

Drew Brees                                                                              Colin Kaepernick

Eli Manning                                                                            Matt Cassel

Sleepers:  Ben Rothlesberger, Mathew Stafford, Cam Newton, Jay Cutler

RB’s                                                                                          RB’s

Todd Gurley                                                                             Latavius Murray

Devonta Freeman                                                                   Eddie Lacy

Matt Forte                                                                                CJ Anderson

Sleepers:  Mark Ingram, Doug Martin, Chris Ivory, Jonathan Stewart

Antonio Brown courtesy of mashable.com

Antonio Brown
courtesy of

WR’s                                                                                         WR’s

Julio Jones                                                                               James Jones

AJ Green                                                                                  Amari Cooper

Antonio Brown                                                                       Dez Bryant

Sleepers:  Keenan Allen, Alshon Jeffery, Stefon Diggs, Mike Evans

TE’s                                                                                           TE’s

Martellus Bennett                                                                  Richard Rogers

Keenan Allen courtesy of endzonescore.com

Keenan Allen
courtesy of

Greg Olsen                                                                               Owen Daniels

Tyler Eifert                                                                              Coby Fleener

Sleepers:  Jason Witten, Travis Kelce, Delanie Walker, Ladarius Green

Def’s                                                                                          Def’s

Seattle                                                                                        49er’s

St Louis                                                                                     Tampa Bay

Sleepers:  Atlanta, Arizona, Carolina, Jets

FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles penned an open letter to DFS fans this week advocating Federal and State government oversight to ensure players confidence when playing DFS, asking for “recommendations and guidance to guarantee the integrity of our site and games.”  While I am personally not a fan of big government, I see this as a positive step to insure the longterm life and health of the DFS industry.  I see integrity issues as the potential nail in the coffin of future DFS play.  Another potential problem arising against FanDuel is Pierre Garcon’s class action lawsuit against the DFS site filed in Federal court last Friday.  DraftKing’s is not part of this action because they have a deal with the NFLPA.  Check out my links to each story for further details.  Here are some of my favorite stacks in DFS for this weeks action:

Rivers-Allen-Green (if Gates is sidelined again this week)





Enjoy the action on Sunday!  Should be a great weekend with many good games.  As always, may your players max out on points scored with few injuries to report.  Until next time…

All is Golden Heading into Week 7

I love this time of year.  Football season is hitting it’s stride, it’s finally starting to cool off here in Texas, and fantasy football is nearing it’s halfway point in the season.  With a 379-309 victory last week, my season record has improved to 6-0.  I have had winning streaks of this length in the past, but never have I started the season undefeated.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  This amazing start is due to one amazing performance after another by my QB Phillip Rivers.  I have had Rivers as my QB in years past, but never has he performed for me as he is this year.  I remember having second thoughts when I drafted him this summer, thinking I should have gone with Ryan Tannehill or Matt Ryan.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would be the fantasy juggernaut he has become.  I didn’t picked up Rivers until the 11th round in my leagues draft, choosing to spend my first 10 picks on RB’s, WR’s, and a defense.  Just to recap, I took Marshawn Lynch in round 1, Lamar Miller in round 3, and Brandin Cooks in round 4.  While Miller and Beastmode have started to produce recently, I got very little production from any of them the first five weeks of the season.  Rivers has carried the load this season as well as Jeremy Maclin (12th round), Larry Fitzgerald (14th round), and free agents Dion Lewis, Gary Barnidge, James Jones and Karlos Williams.  If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again:  preseason prep and study will payoff in the long run.  My late round picks and free agent pickups prove this point.

Week 7 of the NFL schedule has several intriguing matchups featuring several opportunities for big performances, despite bye weeks for Green Bay, Denver and Cinncinnati.  Here are my seat ’em and street ’em picks for week 7.

Seat ’em                                                                           Street ’em

QB’s                                                                                    QB’s

Todd Gurley courtesy of fansided.com

Todd Gurley
courtesy of

Carson Palmer                                                                   Sam Bradford

Phillip Rivers                                                                     Joe Flacco

Cam Newton                                                                      Matt Cassel

Sleepers:  Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Drew Brees

RB’s                                                                                     RB’s

Devonta Freeman                                                              Charcandrick West

Todd Gurley                                                                       Alfred Morris

Deandre Hopkins courtesy of footballperspective.com

Deandre Hopkins
courtesy of

Frank Gore                                                                         Justin Forsett

Sleepers:  Dion Lewis, Chris Ivory, Doug Martin, Andre Ellington

WR’s                                                                                    WR’s

Deandre Hopkins                                                               Steve Smith

John Brown                                                                         Travis Benjamin

Odell Beckham                                                                   Stephon Diggs

Sleepers:  Brandon Marshall, Allen Robinson, Donte Moncrief, Larry Fitzgerald

TE’s                                                                                       TE’s

Charles Clay courtesy of blogs.buffalobills.com

Charles Clay
courtesy of

Greg Olsen                                                                            Jordan Cameron

Antonio Gates                                                                      Zach Ertz

Sleepers:  Rob Gronkowski, Charles Clay, Eric Ebron, Jason Witten

DEF’s                                                                                     DEF’s

Arizona                                                                                   Pittsburgh

Carolina                                                                                 Baltimore

Sleepers:  San Diego, Atlanta, Dallas, St. Louis

Not much news on the DFS front this week.  However, an investigation into DraftKing’s employee Ethan Haskell him cleared of any wrongdoing by an independant law firm regarding his $350K payday on rival DFS site FanDuel.  The debate continues as to whether fantasy sports is a skill or opposed to luck, as games such as poker are regarded.   Several class action lawsuits have been filed claiming fraud in the DFS industry.   The story is fluid and more news will surface as time goes on.  Until then, here are some DFS stacks I like this week.

Palmer-John Brown (or Larry Fitzgerald)


E. Manning-Beckham



Good luck to everyone this weekend.  May your points be plentiful and injuries at a minimum.  Until next time…

Week 6 is Upon Us

Week 6 is upon us and another opportunity to show what we’re made of.  Last week’s dominance continued!  Week 5 results produced another win 360-315, thanks to strong performances by Phillip Rivers and Thomas Rawls bring my season record to 5-0.  I face a tough matchup this week against last years league champion, but I have momentum and he has Sam Bradford.  Yes, many of the fantasy experts out there see Bradford as viable play this week, especially in cash games.  I can honestly say the key to my success this year has been consistency from all of my starters, as well as a strong bench compiled to offset injuries and bye weeks.  Despite getting very little production from the likes of Marshawn Lynch, Lamar Miller and Brandin Cooks, who I drafted early, later round picks Jeremy Maclin, Larry Fitzgerald and Rivers have carried the day for me.  As I said in my first few blogs, early preparation and study have paid huge dividends.  Good free agent pickups have helped as well.  So, with that being said, let’s look at some of my seat ’em and street ’em picks for this week.

Blake Bortles courtesy of wikipedia

Blake Bortles
courtesy of

Seat ’em                                                                           Street ’em

QB’s                                                                                    QB’s

Tom Brady                                                                          Josh McCown

Carson Palmer                                                                   Kirk Cousins

Aaron Rodgers                                                                   Russell Wilson

Sleepers:  Marcus Mariotta, Blake Bortles, Eli Manning

RB’s                                                                                      RB’s

Arian Foster courtesy of wikipedia

Arian Foster
courtesy of

Matt Forte                                                                            Frank Gore

Arian Foster                                                                         Theo Riddick

Giovani Bernard                                                                  Duke Johnson

Sleepers:  Dion Lewis, Danny Woodhead, LeSean McCoy

WR’s                                                                                       WR’s

Odell Beckham                                                                      Travis Benjamin

Julian Edelman                                                                    Percy Harvin

Larry Fitzgerald                                                                    Carolina’s WR’s

Sleepers:  Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, Kamar Aiken, Jordan Mathews

Tyler Eifert courtesy of news-sentinal.com

Tyler Eifert
courtesy of

TE’s                                                                                         TE’S 

Rob Gronkowski                                                                   Gary Barnidge

Tyler Eifert                                                                            Jimmy Graham

Sleepers:  Martellus Bennett, Delanie Walker, Charles Clay

Def’s                                                                                        Def’s

Seattle                                                                                      Pittsburgh

NY Jets                                                                                    Houston

Sleepers:  Arizona, Denver, Green Bay, Tennessee

Lots of news on the DFS front this week.  Nevada has outlawed DFS, ruling that it’s a form of gambling.  The FBI and Justice Department are starting investigations into DFS.  These two developments have many speculating the end of DFS soon.  It comes down to the basic question:  is DFS luck or a skill?  I personally view fantasy sports as a skill based on the fact to be successful at DFS or any kind of fantasy sport, one must study trends, stats and any other forms of information to put the best possible lineup in play.  It’s not that way with online poker or other games of chance.  I do think regulation is needed based on the fact that employees of DraftKings and FanDuel have taken advantage of their positions to win big money in DFS. Last number I have heard was $6 million won over the years by those company employees since 2006, so of course, that needs to be cleaned up to ensure all players have the best possible chance to win.  Stay tuned as this situation is fluid and I am sure there will be more to report as the season progresses.  Some stacks I like this week include:





So, as always, good luck to everyone this week and here’s to a productive and injury free Sunday.  Until next time…

Week 5 Seat ’em and Street ’em

First and foremost, allow me a moment of joy.  HOW ‘BOUT THOSE TEXAS LONGHORNS!!!!  Anyone who is a college football fan knows that my beloved Longhorns have fallen on hard times.  However, Saturday’s 24-17 victory over arch-rival Oklahoma Sooners was indeed sweet.  Everyone, including myself, anticipated another Longhorn blowout, especially after the way they lost the previous week to TCU.  Unrivaled joy abounded in this lifelong ‘Horns fan as the Longhorns showed up in a big way and beat the red scourge from north of the Red River, gleefully sending them packing up and going home after the beatdown received at the hands of my beloved Horns.  But I digress…

So, on to the matter at hand.  Sunday’s NFL matchups are intriguing, with many opportunities for the bigtime stars primed for bigtime performances.  I see the New England vs Dallas, Chicago vs Kansas City, Denver vs Oakland, NY Giants vs San Francisco, and Pittsburgh vs San Diego games as ones that will produce large fantasy point totals.  Unfortunately for Dallas, the point production in that game could be somewhat onesided favoring New England, as well as the San Fran vs NY favoring NY. Chicago is hurting at WR, with Alshon Jeffery and Eddie Royal out, so it has the potential to be onesided as well.  I see shootout potential in Monday night’s Chargers/Steelers tilt.  This game marks the return of Antonio Gates, and I see him stepping in and producing immediately.  I am a little more bearish on the St. Louis v Green Bay game, with the Rams stout defense perhaps at least slowing the Green Bay offense somewhat.  However, it’s hard to overlook the Packers juggernaut offense.  Look for Julio Jones return to form against the Redskins, after proving last week that he IS mortal, but I don’t foresee big production from fantasy stud Devonta Freeman against the Redskins D.  So, with all this to think about, here are my seat ’em and street ’em picks.

Tom Brady courtesy of wikipedia

Tom Brady
courtesy of

Seat ’em                                                            Street ’em

QB’s                                                                     QB’s

Tom Brady                                                          Nick Foles

Peyton Manning                                                 Jay Cutler

Aaron Rodgers                                                   Colin Kaepernick

Sleepers:  Phillip Rivers, Marcus Mariotta, Carson Palmer, Eli Manning

RB’s                                                                      RB’s

Jamaal Charles                                                   Carlos Hyde

Matt Forte                                                           Alfred Morris

Le’Veon Bell                                                        Latavious Murray

Sleepers:  Justin Forsett, TY Yeldon, Doug Martin, Dion Lewis

WR’s                                                                WR’s

Julio Jones                                                         Terrance Williams

Keenan Allen courtesy of endzonescore.com

Keenan Allen
courtesy of

Julian Edelman                                                 Golden Tate

Keenan Allen                                                     Brandon Cooks

Sleepers:  Odell Beckham, Jr, Allen Robinson, Jeremy Maclin, Randall Cobb

TE’s                                                                     TE’s

Rob Gronkowski                                                Jimmy Graham

Charles Clay                                                       Heath Miller

Sleepers:  Antonio Gates, Delanie Walker, Martellus Bennett, Jason Witten

DEF’s                                                                  DEF’s

Denver                                                                Washington

Arizona                                                                Buffalo

Sleepers:  Baltimore, Kansas City, NY Giants, New England

More developments in the DraftKing’s/FanDuel controversy as the week has progressed.  Both DFS sites have appointed independent council to look into the site’s regulations and procedures to try and restore clients confidence and to try and keep Congress at bay.  Breaking news today has the Florida Attorney General convening a Grand Jury to look into DFS sites in that state.  DFS site StarsDraft has already stopped accepting deposits and has instructed it’s players, who live in Florida, to withdraw any funds remaining on it’s site.  Some good news for DraftKings, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey stated this week that “were not looking to shut them down” when asked about the DFS controversy.  I am sure more news regarding all of this will come to the forefront as the week progresses.  Here are some stacks I see as having potential this week in your DFS quest for the money:



EManning-Beckham, Jr



So, good luck this weekend and stay healthy and injury free!  Please feel free to like my page and leave a comment if you like, or don’t like, my blog.  Thanks, and until next week…